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Anagrams are new words or phrases formed from the letters of a given word or phrase. Let's have some fun with Alan Rickman related anagrams! (Click here to check for complete lists.)

Alan Rickman
     A carnal mink (I knew it!)
     Clank Air Man (Beware of the Clank Air Man...)
     Lama ran Nick (Poor Nick.)
     A manic knarl (I'd rather have him be a carnal mink.)

Hans Gruber (Die Hard)
     Bras hunger (Damn right, our bras hunger for him.)
     Grab! She run! (Well, I certainly wouldn't have.)
     Bang rusher (No! He's a one minute man! No wonder the girl ran.)
     Barren hugs (What a cold, evil dude.)

Colonel Brandon (Sense And Sensibility)
     A blond con loner (Damn, and I thought he was a nice guy.)
     Coronel Non-Drab (Nope, he's not drab at all.)
     No cello, Brandon! (I gave it to Jamie!)

Severus Snape (Harry Potter)
     Peeves ass run (Ew! Wipe it, Peeves!)
     Averseness up! (Why is he so damn cranky all the time?)
     Spa? Seven? Sure! (The more the merrier.)
     Rap seven uses (Yo, rap seven uses fo' da spa, homie!)
     Apes serve sun (The monkeys found a religion!)
     Sears evens up (Stocks up fifty points from last week.)

Metatron (Dogma)
     Torn meat (Well, that's not good.)
     Man otter (So you mean he's not a Ken doll?)
     Omen tart (He is a tart who brings omens. Yup, that's our man.)

Sheriff Of Nottingham (Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves)
     Man often hit frogfish (That's... great.)
     Sheriff of a mint thong (Of my mint thong, ya mean.)
     Sheriff if tango month (When is it tango month?)

John Gissing (The Search For John Gissing)
     Gosh, sign Jin! (Yeah, sign her, damn it!)
     Hog signs Jin (Aw, John wasn't quick enough.)
     Singing Josh (That must be his nighttime job.)
     John sins gig (But he evidently needs to stay with his day job.)

Professor Snape (Harry Potter)
     "A prefers spoons!" (Nottingham goes hillbilly.)
     A fern spore sops (You shouldn't have left the fern in the rain.)
     Profs. near posse (Yikes, Harry and company should watch out.)
     A serf snores. Pop! (A gun goes off. The serf wakes up.)
     Porn passes fore (Whoa, I thought schoolwork came first.)
     Porn spears foe (So that's what Snape uses for defense.)

Rasputin (Parental Advisory Advised!) (Rasuptin)
     "A rip nuts!" (A violently jealous Rasputin goes hillbilly.)
     Nut pairs (...)
     Anus trip (...)
     I unstrap (...)
     I rut pans (?!)
     Rut pains (...)
     Puritans (Puritans? Rasputin's name anagrams into Puritans? What? Rasputin, after all that's said and done, anagrams into Puritans?! Faint.)

Doctor Lazarus (Galaxy Quest)
     "Razor at clouds!" (Whoa, calm down there.)
     "Lo! Razor at scud!" (Uh, seriously, I mean it. Don't have another panic attack.)
     "Us razor at clod!" (Ah! Stop! Stop being crazy!)
     "Razor at Duclos!" (At... what?)
     "Razor cut loads!" (I promise you won't have to to say "Grabthar's hammer" again! Just stop!)
     "Load razor cuts!" (Argh!)
     "A razor cuts old!" (I'm going to call the police...)
     Cut! A razor sold! (Yay I sold the razor! The panic attack's over!)

Elliot Marston (Quigley Down Under)
     Not a miller's tot (Hm. That's correct.)
     To snort a millet (You can snort a millet?)
     A little snort. Om... (Dude, whatever you're smoking... gimme some.)
     Little Torso Man (Clank Air Man's alter ego.)

Alfred Blalock (Something The Lord Made)
     A bald rock fell (I didn't know rocks had hair...)
     Ballad Of Clerk (The hit song of the century. The 13th century.)
     Blacked floral (Alan Rickman goes goth.)
     Rollback ad elf (Alan Rickman's night job: working at Wal-Mart. I never knew!)

Alex Hughes (Parental advisory!) (Layer Cake)
     Hug, sex, heal. (The three golden steps for dating Alan Rickman. First, you hug. Second, you have sex. Third, you limp home from the wild night and heal from his... you know...)
     A leg sex, huh? (...third leg.)
     Laugh! She ex! (If Alan broke up with Rima for me, I'd laugh too.)
     Ugh! Leash ex! (To make sure she stays away. One can never take too many precautions.)
     Exhale hugs (He's so talented! He can do anything!)

Antoine Richis (Perfume: Story Of A Murderer)
     In A Corniest Hi (The newest Alan Rickman romantic comedy.)
     A nicer hit is on! (Give it to me, Alan! Uh huh! Uh huh!)
     Hi! I on a cistern... (... so leave me alone, you cretin.)
     I anti his crone! (I think we all are anti his crone.)
     He Saint Ironic. (He totally is!)
     A Nice Shin Trio (Experience the vocal and musical talents of Clank Air Man, Little Torso Man, and Bang Rusher as they perform an exclusive show, only at club Omen Tart! Featuring their number one hit, Ballad Of Clerk! But hurry -- get your tickets during tango month before they are sold out!)
     Canine his trio! (God, I went to see A Nice Shin Trio the other night, and guess what? They totally suck. Sic the dogs on 'em, I say. Especially Clank Air Man. He can't sing his way out of a paper bag.)

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