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Check out these wonderful sites, my personal favorites for all things Alan! Dead links are marked with a tombstone, along with my desperate plea for the webmaster/mistress to get his/her site back up! Clicking on the tombstone will lead you to Way Back Machine's archive of the site (for some of them).

Thirsty for more Alan?! Check out this link archive with links to all Alan Rickman and Snape fansites! And best yet, it's in English and also Portuguese! Ay caramba! (Okay, that wasn't Portuguese...) Screencap taken is of my spanking new widescreen laptop. Gotta love the widescreen!

Rickman Online. Great layout, excellent graphics for you to download, very comprehensive. Must visit!

Alan Rickman Gallery... crazy style. Here, Alan, bananas, and DVD captures (and captions) live together in harmony. Don't miss it!

Crazy Mofo: Movie Villains. All right, so it's not completely an Alan Rickman site, but this great place features all of cinema's worst baddies! Hans and company are definitely on there. Check it out!

IMDB Messageboard. This is the best place in the world to post messages about Alan. Join the insanity today.

Evanesco. Used to be a screencap site, and is now a digi-art site with some Alan related icons and stuff.

German Alan Rickman Site. Lots of articles and interviews in German, and exclusive pictures!

Alan Rickman Download Page. Squee! Your one stop center for downloading those rare Alan Rickman clips you never thought you'd see. Recommended!

Mesmer. I recommend this page for Alan Rickman as one would recommend oxygen for life. 'Nuff said.

Truly Madly Wallpapers. Want Alan to spice up your computer? Problem solved.

Alan Rickman Intelligence. Japanese and English fansite with very rare, gorgeous pictures.

A Kind Of Magic. In Italian and English. A wonderful place for photos.

The Voice. My personal favorite! However now it's gone all funky and you need a password and stuff...

Rickmanista Review. Movie reviews of Alan's films! Great reference site for beginners wishing to learn more about Alan's movies.

Rickman Fan. Wow, gorgeous layout, manipulated photos, graphics, quizzes, and especially a cute Alan dress up doll.

Gothic Face And Voice Of God. Lots of movie captures and fanart!

Greasy Git. One of the best Severus Snape sites out there!

Rickmania. Wonderful gallery, hilarious polls.

Claire's Page. Lots of interview transcripts. Revolving pictures every week or so.

Alan Rickman Addict's Survival Page. Hilarious! Tells you how to survive those days of pure Rickmania. Or just increases your Rickmania. Um... either way, this site rocks.

Die Hard Alan Rickman Fans. Photos, theatre and movie filmography!

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