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Want to know more about the Rickmanican elections? Please read this first.

Um... what's going on? What is this whole elections thing?
     I think it will be fun to have on this site a mock elections, with all of our favorite Alan Rickman characters running for United States president! It'll be cool to see who wins! (And besides, this sort of thing can only belong on The Slightly Weird Alan Rickman Fansite.)

Alan's not really running for USA president in 2004, is he?
     Heh heh heh. He's not. Sorry. This is only a game.

Ooh, this is interesting. I want to play. What do I do?
     Let's pretend we have a new political party, called the Rickmanican party, which will offer a candidate in the United States presidental ballot in 2004! (Alan Rickman's movie characters are all candidates in the Rickmanican party.) First, you're going to vote in the Rickmanican primaries. Go to the Candidates page for all the info about the candidates and their platforms. Then vote for your favorite! The winner will be announced in July. And then we're going to pit the winning Rickmanican candidate against the Republicans, Democrats, and Greens in the national election. And at the end of November, we're going to see who would win the United States 2004 presidency, if there was a Rickmanican candidate running! Whee!

I didn't understand a thing you just said. Please explain in detail.
     For those of you unfamiliar with United States voting, it basically happens like this. First, all the candidates for president of a particular political party (Republicans and Democrats, for instance) hold what's called a primary. In a primary, all members of a certain political party vote for their favorite candidate of that party. At the end of the primaries, the winning candidate of each political party then proceeds to represent their party at the national elections. So, on the final national election ballot, there's only one Republican candidate, one Democrat candidate, and so forth. And then the whole nation votes, and whoever wins the presidency gets to move into the White House.

Why the United States elections? Why not British elections? Why not Japanese elections?
     I'm from the USA, and this is the only system I know! Sorry! (And besides, in my opinion, election time here is so much more entertaining! Tee hee!)

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