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     As the old saying goes... first the worst and second the best. And because The Slightly Weird Alan Rickman Fansite is the best website that has ever graced the sexy face of the Internet, this site has been voted the number two best Alan Rickman site on the web, by Associated Content! Think I'm pulling this out of my delusional arse? Think again! Yeah, that's right. We (that's me, and everyone who has contributed to this site) are famous, bitches! And we didn't even need an arrest warrant to achieve it! Please, no autographs. We're much too busy downing glasses of champagne in the hot tubs that are affixed to the back of our white stretch limos. You may leave presents with my agent.

Update! Jan 24, 2007
     Updated the links section with new links, fixed up broken links, and added archive sites to dead websites. Yes, siree. Have you ever had an Alan site that you love die on you? Well, to see it again, just go to Way Back Machine, write in the URL of the dead site, and check out their archive of the site! Tada!

Update! Jan 17, 2007
     I've updated the Sing About Alan page and Getting Alan To Notice You page, and will do more updates in the near future as I dig through my inbox for things fans have sent me. Because I am a lazy bum (and a busy college kid) I request no more site submissions for the time being so I can catch up! However, I do have one offer that is open, and this offer is something I'd like to call The Alan Rickman Challenge. (This one is actually suggested by Lucidly Cryptic, who emailed me about it like a year ago... yeah, I'm real on top of things.) Anyway, the challenge is this. You see the Getting Alan To Notice You list on my site? Well, this website challenges you to do one of the things on the list when you have a chance to meet Alan Rickman. Then, email me about your truly unique fan encounter experience, with a picture of the meeting (this is required, so I know that you're not just pulling my leg) and I'll be sure to put your story and encounter picture on this site! Let your imagination run free! The more creative the better! Costumes! Weird posters! Signs! Alan will notice you and definitely remember you... forever! And an added incentive: the first person who actually does this will receive a little something from Cafepress from me. (Small print: I, this site, and the wacky people on these messageboards claim absolutely no responsibility for any lawsuits or mishaps that may befall you if you choose to accept this challenge...) (Small print number two: Please be a good fan and don't just make up a story of a fan encounter. Doing so would be incredibly low and mean-spirited of you!)

Update! March 8, 2006
     Another year, another update! I finally decided to prioritize my life, so instead of doing my midterms, I'm updating instead! Whoo hoo! Updates to the Notice You, Obsessed When, and Movie Reviews pages! Thanks to all who submitted stuff -- you guys are really patient, because you know it takes me several months to get back to you, ha.

Alan News! November 4, 2005
     I'm a little slow on the uptake, but Alan will be in a new movie called Nobel Son, which has started filming in mid-October, 2005. It will be out in 2006. (Got info from

Update! September 19, 2005
     This is more of a heads up than news. Summer vacation is over and I am back in college... which means I have absolutely no time to breathe, much less update. I know I've been getting emails from people about activation issues with the boards. The boards are hosted by, so try to email tech support there if you have problems. Thanks!

Update! August 23, 2005
     Hullo. What's this? An update? Yes it is! I added lotsa fan-submitted lyrics, and added stuff to the Obsession and Getting Alan To Notice You pages. Also, new affiliate with Slytherin Selection! Cleaned up some links, and various parts of the site that were decaying. Expect good things in the future... (But that's what I always say, muahahaha...)

Update! March 17, 2005
     Updated Fun Filmography, Obsessed When, JKR Connection, Sing About Alan, and fixed little things here and there. I finally returned emails sent to me last year. Go me! Tomorrow is the last day of filming on Harry Potter 4. Boo. Let's all wear black armbands.

Update! February 22, 2005
     Added a new link, The Alan Rickman Gallery. Check this site out. It has... bananas...

Alan News! February 21, 2005
     Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Alan Rickman! Happy birthday to you! You are... 59 now! Growin' up, I see!

Alan News! January 25, 2005
     New Line Cinema has decided to release An Awfully Big Adventure out on DVD (Region 1) in America on April 19, 2005. Preordering starts on March 22, 2005. Check out their site for more information. On February 10, Alan will be giving romantic readings for the Arvon Foundation (supporting creative writing) in London. Read more about this event.

Update! December 31, 2004
     The last day of the year... sigh. I updated the Ways To Get Alan To Notice You page with one addition! Happy New Year, all!

Alan News! November 7, 2004
     Alan will be singing for the National Autism Society of the UK for a benefit concert on December 13th! Check the calendar on the boards for details. Also, Alan will be in the new UK December issue of Vogue Magazine! Go to this page and click on the link to the picture. He looks fabulous...

Update! November 7, 2004
     First, November 2 has come and gone... and SWARF's presidential elections have declared Snape as the winner! What a big surprise! (I'll have to make buttons soon.) Also, I think I should be putting in a disclaimer about the off topic post about the car commerical... if you've seen it, I'm truly sorry for any damage it may have caused! And if you haven't, then I urge you to do so... but be warned. Be very, very warned...

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The Slightly Weird Alan Rickman Fansite, version 3: Toxic. Lyrics by songwriter Cathy Dennis, sung by Britney Spears. Great song! And it fits with Snape, tee hee.

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September 13, 2005
     Hitchiker's Guide out on DVD today! Go to Amazon to order.

November 16, 2005
     Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire out in theatres in Philippines and United Arab Emirates! Lucky.

November 17, 2005
     Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire out in theatres in Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, parts of Switzerland, and Thailand!

November 18, 2005
     Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire out in theatres in the US, Austria, Canada, China, Denmakr, Finland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, and UK! Reserve your tickets!

November 23, 2005
     Said movie is out in Belgium and the Netherlands!

November 24, 2005
     HP out in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, NZ, Peru, Portugal and Puerto Rico!

November 25, 2005
     HP out in Brazil, Colombia, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Panama, Poland, and parts of Switzerland!

November 26, 2005
     HP in Japan!

November 30, 2005
     HP in France and the last part of Switzerland!

April 28, 2006
     Harry Potter out in the Republic of Macedonia!

Sometime, 2006
     Alan's movie, Snowcake, out in theatres!

October, 2006
     Perfume: Story Of A Murderer out in theatres in Germany! Make plans!

Sometime, 2006
     Alan's movie, Nobel Son, out in theatres!

Distant Future, 2007
     Harry Potter Order Of The Phoenix out in theatres!


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