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Update! October 23, 2004
     Heads up to some new tee shirts! They say "I'm gonna cut your heart out with a spoon." Find them here.

Off Topic! October 15, 2004
     I'm gonna be having midterms next week, so expect few updates. Meanwhile -- and this has nothing to do with Alan -- in the spirit of Halloween and slightly weird things, I just came across an interesting car commercial that people claim to have a ghost in it. Spooky? Fake? What do you think? Check it out.

Update! October 14, 2004
     Yes! A new Search For John Gissing petition is up! Sign it now! The following is what the petition creator wrote about this petition. I urge you to read it carefully.

The rules for the petition are the same, so please do not duplicate signatures and please no fakes, I lost count of the number of times I deleted "Alan Rickman" from the name box, we need it to be taken seriously!

Anyone worried about having emails harvested, no need to worry you can hide your email address and the site takes precautions to prevent harvesting anyway. I will again do my best to publicise this in groups and on boards etc... Please can you all help with this as well if you do not see me post on a group then please can you post and ask people to sign the petition. Groups for all the stars and websites for them etc...

Can those of you that run websites or groups put links to it in a prominent place on your site/group. Thank you in advance to all of you who help, I will contact Jack Binder to tell him we have started a new petition and to give him the link.

Anybody who wants to know more about this film, you can find out more and a trailer here. It is a great opportunity to see Alan Rickman, Juliet Stevenson, Mike Binder and Janeane Garofalo in a comedy film, come on even Jack Binder (producer of this film) has said this could work so please sign!

Update! October 11, 2004
     Sheena got an email from Jack Binder, the producer of the film The Search For John Gissing. (It's the wonderful movie Alan is in, but isn't released on DVD, much to our sadness.) Apparently, in the email Mr. Binder says that he definitely wants to release it, and would if he could, but the difficulty is finding a distributor who is willing to release it, because the distributors believe there is not a significant market for it. (Deadpan.) Hello! Those distributors need to know that we're dying here for its release! If another petition is started, I'll let all of you know, and we can work together to get that movie out!

Update! October 5, 2004
     Hey guys, remember the Search For John Gissing petition that was up a few months ago? Well, the author of that petition, the wonderful Sheena, has mailed it to Melanie Parker (Alan's personal assistant) and recieved a reply! She sent in a scan of the letter, which I have here. This is so cool! A big thank you to all who signed the petition!

Alan News! October 4, 2004
     Oh my Gawd, I got this email from Sheena (it was from a week ago, I know, I was bad and didn't check that account) that the movie Closet Land is on DVD! Closet Land is one of Alan's most obscure movies, but his performance in it is arguably one of the best of his career. Okay. Now for the bad news (for some). This is a Region 2 DVD, which means most of us in the USA won't be able to play it unless we have an all region DVD player. Oh, and also it's the Spanish edition of the movie from a Spanish site, so the title on the cover is "Tierra de Armarios." (For those of you who don't know Spanish, don't let it throw you off.) Don't worry, the original English language track is still there, so we won't lose Alan's sexy voice. Anyway, if you haven't seen this movie before, make it your number one priority to see it! It will make you so proud to be an Alan Rickman fan; his acting is beyond fantastic. But because the movie is very hard to get, I strongly suggest you order the DVD version instead of looking around futilely for (very expensive) VHS tapes. (The tapes can go up to fifty bucks. The movie on DVD is 12 Euros. Go figure.)

Updates! October 4, 2004
     Put up a SWARF messageboard! Forum, whatever you wanna call it. Click the link above! I really want all y'all to join.

Updates! October 3, 2004
     It is 5 AM, and I'm finally done with updating! Aren't I nice? (Or at least sleep deprived?) Okay, so updated the Affiliates, Shopper's Guide, Links, Weird Pics, AR/JKR Connection, Fun Filmography, Get Alan To Notice You, Obsessed With, Sing About Alan, and Calendar. Read about stuff in more detail below...

Update Info! October 3, 2004
     Wow, this month's been hectic with college and all, but I wouldn't ever leave SWARF behind! Anyway, thanks all for emailing me with your additions to the site. If I'm leaving any of you behind in the updates, please email me again and I'll put your valuable contributions up! Just remember: without weirdly obsessive people such as yourself, SWARF would cease to exist. So we need you! With that said, Saskia from has given me a heads up to a site called Miserable Melodies where you can listen to, and rate Alan Rickman's song, Intelligence! (The song from Help I'm A Fish.) Hee hee, the ratings are: Not too bad, Bad, Really bad, Awful, and Auditory torture. Yes, I know that this is all blasphemy, but once you visit the site, you'll find yourself laughing your head off.

Alan News! October 3, 2004
     The new DVD edition of the Barchester Chronicles comes out on on January 25, 2005! Go sign up to pre-order now!

Alan News! September 20, 2004
     Congrats to Alan for his movie, Something The Lord Made, winning the best made for TV movie in the Emmys! (That was a horribly contructed sentence.) Er, anyway, and big boo boos to the Academy for giving the best actor to Al Pacino in Angels In America. Even though I greatly like Al Pacino, I'm gonna give him the thumbs down anyway, because, well, this is an Alan Rickman site. As for the lack of updates, this is because I am in college now, and work is difficult, so I hope you will excuse me if I don't update for long periods at a time. No worries, though, SWARF will still be very much alive. Keep emailing me (and signing the guestbook) with your thoughts!

Alan News! August 26, 2004
     Just been informed from Sheena that Alan Rickman's personal asistant, Melanie Parker (the wonderful woman who handles our fanmail and all crazy Rickmaniac related stuff that's sent to him, and more) knows about The Search For John Gissing petition! In case you don't know, The Search For John Gissing is an award winning comedy, starring Alan Rickman, that has never been released on video, and has only been shown in film festivals. The petition aims to urge the filmmakers of that movie to release it to video, and quick! Ms. Parker says that she is glad that the fans are doing this petition, and that she will send the petition to the movie's filmmakers! Quick, the petition closes August 31, so if you haven't yet signed, please do so now! Even Alan's personal assistant is promoting it!

Sign petition to release Search For John Gissing

Update August 17, 2004
     Cartoon Jessie has given me a heads up to more info to add to the Alan/Rowling connection! Check out the new update here.

Alan News August 13, 2004
     Our special Mr. Rickman has been nominated for an Emmy. Why do I not sound surprised? It's because we all know Alan is the greatest actor alive and deserves at least, like, ten Emmies! Anyway, this Emmy is for "'Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie," for his role as Alfred Blalock in Something The Lord Made. The other nominees are: Antonio Banderas in "And Starring Pancho Villa As Himself," Al Pacino in "Angels In America," James Brolin in "The Reagans," and Mos Def in "Something The Lord Made." Watch the drama unfold September 19, on ABC!

Update August 13, 2004
     Oops, I almost neglected the Completely Unbiased Movie Reviews! Almost. (I didn't.) Movie reviews of Harry Potter 3 and Something The Lord Made are up now! Sign the guestbook to tell me what you think.

Update August 12, 2004
     Big update! The Obsessions, and How To Get Alan To Notice You pages have just recieved some new contributions from viewers like you. Thank you. And a new affiliate! Oh, and if you sent me any emails or submissions during the past month and it's not up on the site or I haven't emailed you back, it's not because I hate you, it's probably because I accidentally missed it. So... you may email me again! Whee!

Update August 9, 2004
     Well, I'm back! And true to my word, the elections have all been updated. Severus Snape is the winner of the Rickmanican elections and Colonel Brandon is runner up! Now watch them go head to head in the national elections with George W. Bush, John Kerry, and Ralph Nader. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you might wanna check out the "Read This First" under the Elections menu.) Many people have emailed me during the past month; I haven't forgotten about you guys! I will work on updating your contributions very soon! Toodles for now!

Update July 7, 2004
     I'll be going abroad for a month, so unfortunately this site won't be updated as much, if at all, during this time. The Rickmanican elections will end on August 9th! So get your voting on now! (Snape is winning, Colonel Brandon is second.)

Update July 5, 2004
     Updated the AR/JKR Connection with lots of revealing Rickmaniac goodies from JK Rowling's official site.

Alan News July 2, 2004
     Updated the Fun Filmography with some fan contributed info. Also, I found a site called The Video Collection which sells some rare Alan movies! For instance, Rasputin and Romeo and Juliet. Oh, and check out the sexiest Snape promo pics from

Updates June 16, 2004
     Some people have asked about the poor Snapeybot, which apparently doesn't work as well as it did. Snapeybot was not created by me but I found it on (where you can create your own Snape robot!) and since there's an option for me to put it on a webpage, I did. So whatever changes were made, I didn't do it! If you're the botmaster of Snapeybot, please turn him back to his snarky self!

Updates June 8, 2004
     In honor of Harry Potter 3, which is a fabulous movie by the way, I've changed the above banner! The old campaign banner is under the elections menu. Also, added a new affiliate to

Alan News May 31, 2004
     More Rickman pictures from Getty Images. I have to say, this man gets better looking every day. And he's smiling more too! I hope all of y'all watched STLM last night. I didn't because I don't have cable (sob...) and I had such a bad migrane I couldn't think! Guess I'll just wait for reruns.

Alan News Galore!!! May 26, 2004
     I did my homework and scrounged up some goodies for y'all, so read on.
     The May 26, 2004 TV Guide has a STLM review.
     The May 31, 2004 issue of Time Magazine has a gorgeous one-page ad for STLM.
     Alan Rickman Download Haven is offering trailers of STLM for download! Just scroll to the bottom of the page.
     Lots of beautiful pictures from the STLM premiere from Getty Images!
     From The Leaky Cauldron's Red Carpet Review of Harry Potter 3 premiere, Alan Rickman says, "I am hoping to do a really interesting couple of films if we can get them in in the meantime. One is called For Our Sons, one is called Snow Cake. Its a really wonderful script about a man who meets a woman whos an adult autistic." (Webmistress side note: Aw, I really hope he gets to do Snow Cake, especially if it's a romance!)

Updates May 25, 2004
     Updated the calendar, Weirdest Pics (with a contribution by Barbara), Fun Filmography (with info contributed by S_k), and the index page with new fanlistings! I joined fanlistings for The Mole, the best reality TV show ever (along with Extreme Makeover Home Edition), Anderson Cooper, the most delicious newscaster ever and former host for The Mole, and the Vulcan fanlisting. Because I like Vulcans. Anyway. I'm making no sense.

Updates May 24, 2004
     Got a decent guestbook at last, so please sign! (My old Mini Guestbook finally uttered its last gasping breaths and died. Sniff.) Also, a new affiliate!

Updates May 23, 2004
     Updated the Obsessed When... page. And out of the goodness of my heart, I've added three, count them, three, whole new Anagram Fun categories! Now it's time for some shameless promotion! HP 3 comes out on June 4th. Why not go to the theatre in cute tee shirts? Click here and here!

Alan News! May 17, 2004
     I'm a bit slow on the uptake, but just in case you don't know yet, visit the new Something The Lord Made website and see Alan pics, interviews, and a trailer!

Update (Sort Of) May 11, 2004
     If you noticed the lack of updates lately, it's because my home computer and its Internet broke down. Blah... I'm on a school computer, but unfortunately I can't update real meaty updates at this present moment and near future. However, I will be back soon! (By the end of the month!)

Alan News April 26, 2004
     Updated the calendar with Harry Potter 3 movie premiere dates in New York and UK! Love Actually is out on DVD in the United States tomorrow, just for a heads up. Click here for a new picture on Mugglenet of Snape substituting for the DADA class! He's using an overhead projector. Oooh... Snape goes high tech...

Updates April 21, 2004
     Added some links, and an affiliate!

Updates April 20, 2004
     Added links, and updated the Shopper's Guide with info submitted from fellow fans.

Updates April 19, 2004
     I've just stumbled upon a goldmine! Alan Rickman Download Haven is a godsend! Go there and check out Alan clips and stuff! Thank God for Broadband Internet, heh heh heh... Anyway, I also found out from that November 18, 2005 will be the movie release date for Goblet Of Fire.

Updates April 16, 2004
     Cool beans! I finally finished the Alan Rickman Shopper's Guide! It's actually quite useful (unlike the rest of this site) and it has links to buy most of Mr. Rickman's obscure works. So check it out! In election news, Snape has regained the lead over Colonel Brandon.

Updates April 11, 2004
     Updated the Weirdest Pics and Links pages! I'm working fast to get a new page up in the Texual section. Stay tuned for that in the next days. By the way, in the Rickmanican elections, Colonel Brandon is kicking everyone's ass, even Snape's ass. Just FYI. And I wish an enthusiastic Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!

Alan News April 6, 2004
     American TV channel ABC on May 9 will show Sorcerer's Stone at 7:00/6:00 PM central. There will be a 10 minute preview of Prisoner Of Azkaban, along with some cast interviews.

Update March 31, 2004
     Here are the current Rickmanican primaries results! Severus Snape and Colonel Brandon are tied for first place! The race is getting intense and far from over, people. Vote from the menu on the left...
     Severus Snape (27) 32.14%
     Colonel Brandon (27) 32.14%
     Hans Gruber (7) 8.33%
     Sinclair Bryant (6) 7.14%
     David Weinberg (5) 5.95%
     George Of Nottingham (4) 4.76%
     Jamie (3) 3.57%
     Phil Allen (3) 3.57%
     Alexander Dane (1) 1.19%
     Obediah Slope (1) 1.19%

Alan News March 28, 2004
     HBO will be showing "First Look: The Making Of The Prisoner Of Azkaban" on May 25 and 31.

Breaking Alan News! March 24, 2004
     "Harry Potter star Alan Rickman will play the role of a British ex-pat journalist in Crossroads Films' new dark comedy spec, Acts of Charity, written by Chips Hardy," says That is so cool!

Alan News March 24, 2004
     Newest Harry Potter trailer (opening with Snape) is at Watch it.

Update March 22, 2004
     Three more candidates submitted into Rickmanican primaries! (Jamie, Obediah, and Phil!) There's now ten candidates total, and my poll provider refuses to provide more than ten voting spots, so I regret to say that candidate submitting is now closed. In better news, more people submitted observations in the Rickman/Rowling Connection, and the Fun Filmography!

Update March 21, 2004
     Two more candidates, Sheriff Of Nottingham (sponsored by Dee) and Colonel Brandon (sponsored by Elina and Danielle) have entered the Rickmanican presidential elections! Go read the revised candidates list and vote in the primaries now! Also, Dee sent some eerily relevant info concerning Truly Madly Deeply and Harry Potter, now put in the Rickman/Rowling Connection. You must check it out!

Update March 19, 2004
     Breaking news! Two new candidates, David Weinberg (sponsored by Yu) and Sinclair Bryant (sponsored by Veil) have entered the Rickmanican presidential elections! Go read the revised candidates list and vote in the primaries now! (Note: Due to my stupidity, the first poll provider I signed up for deleted all the results when I updated. Now I got a new poll provider that will save all the info when I update! When you see the voting results, just mentally add 9 votes to Snape and 6 votes to Alexander Dane. Anyway, go vote! Go! Go! Go!)

Update March 18, 2004
     More (fake) elections goodness. Visit the new section on the left and cast your vote!

Update March 17, 2004
     I've been a good girl and added a new page to the site, entitled the Rickman/Rowling Connection. It basically shows how JK Rowling is a Rickmaniac. Also, if you haven't noticed, I've changed the banner in honor of the upcoming 2004 presidency elections for the USA. I know it's in November, but we gotta start campaigning early! (Okay, too much politics and government class for me...)

Major, Breaking Alan News! March 16, 2004
     Just been confirmed (and reported on the ever-reliable IMDB messageboard by the lovely Sheila) that Alan Rickman will star in a new movie, Manchester United Ruined My Life! It will start filming in spring or summer of this year! Also starring will be Jason Issacs, Derek Jacobi, Janet McTeer, and Henry Goodman. Directed by Mike Brozel. and has more info.

Update March 15, 2004
     Added more links.

Cool Stuff March 14, 2004
     The good folks of the IMDB Rickman messageboard has posted a link to a I'm Too Sexy Snape video! After watching that, you can see a another Snape video using the same song. Both of them are the most hilarious things in the world. Be patient and download 'em!

Update March 13, 2004
     The wonderful Danielle has sent me a new Rickmanic song! Lyrics are at the bottom. Previous featured songs are on the Sing About Alan page.

Update March 9, 2004
     Added a new link and updated the Alan Noticing You page.

Alan News March 5, 2004
     The lovely Dee has told me that Something The Lord Made will air May 30 on HBO at 8:00 PM. That is a Saturday. Do not miss it! Click here for a picture of Alan in his new role.

News March 4, 2004
     Click here for an article from Johns Hopkins University about Vivien Thomas and Alfred Blalock, heart surgeon pioneers. Alan will play Alfred Blalock in the upcoming HBO movie, Something The Lord Made. Watch for it in May. On a side note, my very close friend got accepted into Johns Hopkins, that lucky biatch! I will now force her maps to scout out the school and catch any whiffs of Alan Rickman's presence as she can. Heh heh heh...

Update February 27, 2004
     Why do Alanis Morissette songs sound like they're all dedicated to Alan Rickman? Is it because their first names are similar? Anyway, I was listening to Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (in itself a Rickmaniac type of title) and there were so many Alan-like references in the songs. So I changed the lyric at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! Also added a new lyrics page under the Textual section.

News February 25, 2004
     The good folks of the IMDB Alan messageboard have posted a link to the most incredible Alan Rickman artwork I have ever seen. You must check these portraits out. Amazing!

Alan News February 24, 2004
     Good news y'all! Daily Variety on February 20 has said that Alan will be joining the cast of Harry Potter 4. Woot woot! And guess who the director is? Mike Newell, of An Awfully Big Adventure! Ahaha, this is so hilarious, considering what Senor Newell had to direct Senor Rickman to do in that movie. Oh my. This is so snazzily scandalous I am rubbing my hands together in glee. And I'm sure you know this, but guess who the director for Harry Potter 3 is? Alfonso Cuaron, of Murder, Obliquely! Alan's meeting up with his old director chums. How cool!

Mini Update February 23, 2004
     Made a Rickman wallpaper. Check back soon for a graphics page on this site! Also updated the About Me site, where now you can see a picture of me in all my deviousness.

Update February 22, 2004
     Day after the Rick Man's birthday! No horrible hangovers, I hope? I heard a really cool (and relevant) song on the radio called Extraordinary, by Liz Phair. I suggest you download (I mean, buy) the song now! Lyrics are below.

Update February 20, 2004
     Thanks to the people at the IMDB Rickman messageboard, I came across this totally cool Snape chat thing, which I am offering to you guys now. It's called Snapeybot. Check him out!

Alan News February 19, 2004
     On Momoko's Alan fansite, there are links to pictures of the set of Something The Lord Made, Alan's newest movie. I suggest you get your butt over there to check it out immediately!

Update February 19, 2004
     Big update! Added a whole new page analyzing Alan's handwriting. More brilliant links. A wonderful fan contributed more movie reviews for your enjoyment! And, I added two more hidden pictures. The last hidden picture is my current favorite, heh heh heh.

Update February 18, 2004
     Added a new page of movie reviews, a counter, and a guestbook. It's about the simplest guestbook in the world so there's no excuse not signing it. Updated the Obsession, Noticing You, and God pages.

Alan News February 16, 2004
     Heads up! February 21 is Alan's birthday! Make plans to throw the ultimate movie party with your friends.

Update February 16, 2004
     Yo! This site goes on the web, baby! Grand opening, oh yeah! This place is still a bit barren and I still have a lot more goodies up my sleeve to add, but... it'll do for now.

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